Galadriel's Poems 4

"Conan" by Val Mayerik

The Brave Volunteers

It began with a "whoosh"
A raging fire
The family raced out
As the flames rose higher
Off in the distance
Came the whistle's call
"Come" it cried out
"Come volunteers all"

The race was on
A race against doom
As the fire reached out 
Into every room
In moments, it seemed
The fire-trucks rolled
And the firemen came
Both brave and bold

They leaped from the truck
As it rolled to a stop
And they battled that fire
From  both bottom and top
When the blazes were quenched
The night rang with cheers
For the courage and strength
Of the brave volunteers

(The preceeding was written 
for a contest honoring the 
local volunteer firefighters 
of Fryeburg, ME)

Verbum Sapienti ("advice")

For a long-lasting marriage
I'll tell you no lie
Your love can be strong
Just as long as you try
Your life won't be easy
But life never was
With children and taxes
Bills and in-laws
The day-to-day grind
Fills our souls with great stress
We forget the sweet words
We forget to caress
And when love is lost
It's a crime and a shame 
A couple is broken
And no one's to blame
With faith, love can prosper
So to your heart be true
And the vows that you take now
Can last your life through
So take care of each other
And keep your chins high
For love will stay strong
Just as long as you try

"Daydream" by Boris Vallejo